Vintage Kromex ‘Copper Colored’ Aluminum Kitchen Canisters For Sale

Perfect for today’s stainless steel kitchens, Kromex has clean lines and just enough sheen to blend beautifully with your modern decor.  Kromex was produced in the US in the 1950s and 60s and is considered Mid-Century Modern.

Kromex 'Pink Colored Copper' Canisters for sale.

Kromex ‘Pink Colored Copper’ Canisters for sale.

These items are retro early 1950s round-shouldered cannisters by Kromex in pink or copper colored anodized aluminum with black plastic lids. Only the Flour, Sugar, and Tea are available.

They are in good vintage condition, which means that:

1.  There is some light scuffing on the bottoms and along the shoulder areas (from rubbing against the other pieces) gracing these pieces, indicating that they were well used and well loved.

2.  The coffee canister is missing, so this is not a complete set.

3.  The tea canister lid has several chips and has a crack, and the sugar canister has a crack, although the lids are still intact and fully functional (commonly found on Kromex products).

4.  The lettering on the lids has faded or been rubbed off and could be re-done.

5.  The maker and patent is on each lid: KROMEX Pat. No.  170,295 Other Pats Pend.


  1. the flour canister is 8-1/2″ tall to the top of the lid by about 7 inches wide
  2. the sugar canister is 7 1/2′ high by 6′ wide
  3. and the tea canister is 5-1/4″ high by 4-1/2″ diameter

You can own these Kromex Canisters for just $25 USD. Shipping not included as it is based on your location.

PS:  Owing to the vintage nature of these items, there may be some slight imperfections. This only adds extra character and charm, and are purchased in an “as is” condition.

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